Hello Frequent Flyers, and welcome aboard a somewhat different flight. Due to top secret missions being carried out all across the world by your very own Flight Crew, we’ve decided to turn our gaze to the summer, and let you know what you should be watching (and reading) as those dog days come!

Our Vignette Series kicks off with Layne, AKA Vector’s pick.

Summer Special Episode One: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!


Find out why these Mole Women are the Must-See Netflix Picks for Layne, and see if YA literature is right for you!
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Summer Special Episode Two: Vikings!


Part two kicks off with The Flying Dutchman’s pick, will the lack of boob-busting still interest you? Are you ready to say a quick prayer to Odin and plunge on in?
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Summer Special Episode Three: Inside Amy Schumer!


In this penultimate episode, Alongside the hearty recommendation of ‘going outside’, Gravity offers the riotous and varied comedy of Amy Schumer, along with calls to chill with our pals from the 99 take a good look at what’s on Chelsea’s radar.
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Summer Special Episode Four: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp!



In the final Segment of our ‘What’s on our Radar Series’, Fearless Flyer wants you to have the wettest hottest, most goddamn Eagle Ca-cawing American Summer ever. And as the queen of the Binge-watch, she what’s your to bend your mind…alongisde the four elements with Avatar: The Last Airbender (the show not the movie!) You might find yourself heart-bending.


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Thanks for sticking with us this week, and we’ll be back to our longer format episodes this Tuesday.
Have a Safe Flight!

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