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Episode 171 – Poltergeist, Inside Out & New York Minute


This week on an extra-long, very special episode of See You Next WednesdayGreg gets haunted by the ghost of boredom when he watches the Poltergeist remake – from director Gil Kennan. Then, Dan gets his emotions turned Inside Out and reports back while Casey finds out that everything can change from bad to worse in a New York Minute

Then the guys see if Action Bronson‘s album Mr. Wonderful lives up to the hype and recent controversy.

All this plus we’ve got tons of movie reviews and news in our opening segment The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee, there’s some music talk after Greg checks out Spoon live, and finally another episode of 9021Oh Yeah! Relay to round out the show!

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  • Matt Brown

    Gotta call out Casey’s disappointment re: the presentation of the Dad’s brain. Not because I disagree with him on a utopian level, but in the real world, it was funny to hear a guy say “it’s not ok to have a movie where a female character is a complex being and a man is one-dimensional! That’s not fair!”

    From my standpoint, the cheap shot of the brain gags was the cat. CATS ARE WONDERFUL

    Reply to Matt Brown

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