À l’intérieur (Inside), with Alia Miller

My guest is the Super Terrific Super Delightful Super Amazing Alia Miller. Alia co-hosts two other podcasts, What She’s Having (RomComs!), and Modern Superior’s own Super Zero! (Comic Book Movies!). I couldn’t have been happier or more completely filled with dread when she chose À l’intérieur for the show. This is the closest I’ve gotten in a while to being scared […]


This Week In New Music: June 30th, 2015

A weekly (sometimes bi-weekly, or sometimes I forget about it for half a year) selection of new – and new to me – music that I have found myself listening to over the past week (on Rdio or elsewhere.)  And there goes almost an entire year without a weekly new music post, wow. Anywho, I’ve renamed […]