Super Zero 2 logo Ep18-220

Episode 18 – Ant-Man

WE’RE BACK! Super Zero returns from summer vacation for Phase 2 of their tour through the comic book superhero movie universe(s), and Alia immediately has questions, like: Who is the Ant Man? Why isn’t there an Archie movie? And what do we know about Phase 3 (of Marvel, and of Super Zero) so far? Matt […]


Episode 174 – Ant-Man & Elektra

Time for another episode of See You Next Wednesday! This week, Greg and Casey shrunk down and ran out to the theaters to check out the latest offering from Marvel: Ant-Man! Does Paul Rudd pull off the superhero role? And how does the film’s storied history of passing through many hands translate to the screen? They’ve got answers for you! Then, Dan stays at home and […]


Episode 38 – Best Picture: 1971

This month on The Dew Over the panel (Thom Ernst, Matthew Price, Dave Voigt and Norm Wilner) get together to discuss the best in film from 1971. Will The French Connection continue to car-chase its way to Best Picture? Listen in to find out! These guys bring the goods! Enjoy! Follow Jamie over at @thedewover on Twitter, or if you’re […]