Modern Superior was a Pop Culture & Comedy Podcast Network from 2011 through 2018

So long, and thanks for all the memories. Casey Lyons, Greg LeGros and Dan Gorman ran Modern Superior, which featured shows covered in places such as: Buzzfeed, Toronto Star, BlogTO, The A.V. Club and more.

Where are they now?

Casey, Greg and Dan can be found over at the Time Bandits podcast, which recently re-launched for new episodes in 2020!

Special thanks to the following people and shows who contributed to Modern Superior:

Alia Miller, Matt Brown, Matthew Price, Jamie Dew, Jeremy Schultz, David Followes, Ariel Fisher, Michael K Newton, Richard Feliciano, Andrew Hathaway, Courtney Small, Kristy & Chelsea & Layne & Marina of Flight School, The Faculty of Horror, Lonely Nights with Bruce Douglas, and many more.