Over the past few years, Modern Superior has been a project of our own passion for podcasting and content creation, and we have sunk countless hours and much of our own money into the creation of the website, hosting for podcasts and web-content, and much more. If you’d like to know how you can help us grow the Modern Superior brand and take us to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

Your support will allow us to continue bringing excellent content to the network, as well as ensure that we have the ability to push the quality of our content over-the-top. We want to bring you video content, we want to be able to kick-back money to all of our shows for their tireless efforts to create the best audio entertainment that Toronto has to offer, create more branded merchandising opportunities, and we want to give back to the listeners that support us by checking in with our podcasts every week with prizes, contests, bonuses and more.

Donation is by no means necessary, as all of our contributors continue to juggle day-jobs while creating their shows and we understand that money can be tight. Even if you just want to send some words of encouragement to any of our podcasts, you can do so by emailing info@www.modernsuperior.com today.

If you have some iChange kicking around though and would like to support a handful of independent podcasts, you can help us out through the Paypal links below – every penny donated will go back into Modern Superior site costs and helping promote every single show on the network.

Everyone at Modern Superior thanks you for your continued support.

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