HUGE 2-HOUR EPISODE! Wordburglar kicks off 2019 with a long-awaited giant-sized episode featuring: news, announcements, exclusive rhymes, a brand-new song debut, Burgie’s Japanese tour report, listener Q&A, fresh jams PLUS a full-length, in-depth interview with long-time rap-collaborator and Backburner Crew original member Ginzu 333 aka ginzuintriplicate aka yourboyginzu and everything you love about this crazy podcast!  This could be the most jam-packed episode of Weekend at Burgie’s yet! Email the show at and catch Wordburglar on tour with upcoming dates in Seattle, Toronto, Winnipeg, Moncton, Halifax, Calgary and more to be announced soon at 

Featuring music by Wordburglar, Kool Keith, Mega Ran, The Library Steps and Ginzu 333

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