Weekend at Burgie's

Episode 17 – Featuring Mark Palermo


This weekend Burgie digs deep into the films of cinema and the movies of the theatre with his old pal Mark Palermo! Mark is the co-writer of the movie “Detention”, former movie critic for The Coast and director of Burg’s music video “The Route” (among lots more!). Mark brings a lifetime of movie knowledge to the table and this episode is a must listen for cinephiles, movie buffs and general lovers of great podcasts. Plus an all-new intro rap, funny laughs at things and all the awesome times you expect from another great Weekend At Burgie’s!

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And if you’re in Toronto don’t miss Wordburglar at these upcoming live shows & events:

Wed Oct 14: Wordburglar, More or Les & Mega Ran at THE JUNCTION CITY MUSIC HALL 2907 Dundas St West, Toronto, Ontario. $10.

Sat Oct 17: CANZINE, AGO 317 Dundas West, Toronto. 1pm-7pm. FREE.

Sat Oct 24: East Coast Comedy Night at the SOCAP, 154 Danforth Ave, Toronto, 8pm

Tues Oct 27: Modern Superior Movie Night Presents “The Serpent & The Rainbow” at The Royal Theatre 608 College St, Toronto, ON followed by a Live Podcast Recording.

Thurs Dec 10th: The $5 Rap Show Returns at HANDLEBAR, 159 Augusta Ave, Toronto.

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  • Alex Pearlstein

    Word, you need to fix your link text its all hosed up. Here’s an interesting footnote for you about wacky drug episodes; in the late 90s the Govt bought a slew of media time for anti-drug messages and a really low price from the major networks. Then the .com bubble began and the networks worked out a deal to get the more valuable media time back in exchange for anti-drug messages in their tv shows. That’s why so many family shows had a mysterious older brother that was only mentioned in an episode or two and then died from drugs or drinking or driving.

    Reply to Alex Pearlstein
  • Repo Kempt

    The movie playing at Hyland Theatre at the time of the fire was “City of Joy”, starring Patrick Swayze. But apparently, it was a classic ‘backdraft’ type of fire and “Backdraft’ played the week before. Cue the Twilight Zone theme…

    Reply to Repo Kempt

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