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Episode 31 – Scream Queens: Girl, You Make Me Wanna Shout!


Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our 31st episode, Scream Queens.

Are you afraid of being stalked by a dude in a devil outfit? Or being horribly murdered by said devil? Do you have flashbacks to your days in Uni, and being made fun of by Sorority girls? Well have we got a show that will have you drinking to forget!

This Glee/American Horror Story mashup hits some sour notes, but should you watch along, or will you leave this show dead and buried. Sorry Crew, this is a phantom plane and no one gets off until they watch.

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  • Dan Gorman

    I watched the first three episodes of the SCREAM series last night, after putting it off for a while. I have to say, it’s gold compared to the first half of the SCREAM QUEENS pilot (which I left during out of frustration, you’re not wrong when you guys say there’s some real hate simmering in there.)

    Hoping it only gets better. One major flaw was the new Ghostface voice – I found that the scenes with his voice on the phone are easily the weakest element of the new show.

    Reply to Dan Gorman
    • The Flying Dutchman

      Scream Queens isn’t even a fun hate watch (like our next pick) it’s a boiling anger hate watch that makes you sad for the world. Have to cleanse my horror palette with Crimson Peak… and maybe Goodnight Mommy.

      Reply to The Flying Dutchman

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