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Episode 65 – 1990 Movie Round-Up! (feat. Gremlins II: The New Batch)


On a very special episode the boys engage in a general discussion about the films of 1990 with special attention to one in particular: Gremlins 2:The New Batch. This anarchic sequel to Joe Dante’s holiday classic was a disappointment upon release – deemed to be more of a series of gags than a standalone movie by many critics. Some of us have loved it, and some of us are checking back in on the movie, so listen in to hear our thoughts on this Looney Tunes inspired comedic romp.

But first, lots of movie talk, with a focus on the first half of 1990 – what do we think of Revenge? How about Madhouse? And don’t forget some alcohol, because we’ve got an official Time Bandits Drinking Game to go along with this episode!

Our guest this week is Beatriz Picardal-Lyons (although she doesn’t talk much).

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