Time Bandits

Episode 42 – The Punisher & Young MC’s Stone Cold Rhymin’


This week the fellas travel all the way to West Germany for the 1989 premiere of The Punisher, starring Time Bandits favorite Dolph Lundgren. Then they bust a move down to the principal’s office as they cold mack on Young MC’s crazy def debut, Stone Cold Rhymin’.

Their guest this week is perennial favorite rapper/Modern Superior podcaster Wordburglar! If you’re not listening to his show Weekend at Burgie’s yet, you need to get on that!

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  • kkhaos38

    Having been a huge Punisher fan since the late 80’s, I remember how pissed I was when this came out. My reaction was, “No skull, no Punisher. Suck a fat honkerin’ donkey cock, Drago!”
    The Thomas Jayne (as good as an actor as he is) film was crap. They re-wrote his origin and set it in Tampa. Wtf? War Zone was as close to the comics as I think they are gonna get. Punisher War Zone, the comic series from the 90’s was one of his best series. John Romita, Jr. was doing those books.
    The new Punisher comics is a modern update of the character. It’s about 10 issues in so far. It’s ok, but nothing ground breaking.
    And Punisher 2099 can suck David HorffelHasser’s nuts.

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • WeekendAtBurgies

    Here’s the Punisher comic I was talking about in the episode about the kid who contacts the Punisher (Issue 93 from 1994) : http://marvel.wikia.com/Punisher_Vol_2_93

    Reply to WeekendAtBurgies
  • modernsuperior

    ThaIlluminator Yes! We were pretty  happy with how that record played – maybe one of our favourites that we’ve re-visited/checked out for the show!

    Reply to modernsuperior
  • ThaIlluminator

    I’m sooo happy that everyone still loves young mc

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