Weekend at Burgie’s


Rapper, writer, retired paperboy and comic shop veteran SJ the Wordburglar waxes comedic and drops knowledge. Weekend at Burgie’s is an engaging and funny podcast about music, comic books, food, sports and everything in between.

Spend the weekend with your host, Wordburglar, in this highly entertaining and kaleidoscopic journey through the world of comic books, hip-hop, character based comedy and so much more. Whether you’re a fan of his critically acclaimed albums, or just generally into the nerdier side of pop-culture, Weekend at Burgie’s could very well  be your new favourite podcast.


Winner of the “One of a Kind Blend” Bi-Weekly Podcast Nod!

“If you are looking for a charismatic host – Wordburglar absolutely takes the cake. The guy has got a lust for life and it is actually infectious (in the best way possible). A little freestyle rap, a little nerdom, a lot of good. The show is really new but the guy is absolutely one of a kind. Whether you are into hip-hop or not, it is a great add to your playlists.”

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  • ZacNdChcksUnttldPdcst

    Dear Burgie, I love your rhymes and your awesome podcast. I too, have a podcast. If you have a minute you could check it out at zacandchuck.com or buzzsprout.com/3269. If you ever wanna kick it and talk nerdy stuff, shoot us an email at zacandchuck@gmail.com
    I sure do love your show! (Although I have to disagree about the Punisher movie… There hasn’t been a good one yet!)

    Reply to ZacNdChcksUnttldPdcst

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