See You Next Wednesday

Episode 82 – Breaking Bad, Rewind This!, Don Jon & The Last Song

It’s episode 82 of See You Next Wednesday and we’re talking about the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt – that’s right, we saw Don Jon and we’re talking all about that, plus the Nicholas Sparks flick The Last Song in Film Roulette.

This, plus Breaking Bad, Rewind This!, more Jack Reacher, Reformed Band Reviews, and more!

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  • Daniel Abmanowski

    Agreed, you can definitely argue top show ever

    Reply to Daniel Abmanowski
  • yckmd_

    IPFjosh Of course, no problem – I loved the movie!

    Reply to yckmd_
  • IPFjosh

    yckmd_ This is awesome. Thanks!

    Reply to IPFjosh

    yckmd_ IPFjosh RewindThisMovie Excellent documentary and a must see for film fanatics interested in how the format changed viewing habits


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