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This week Greg and Casey (… and Dan?) check out Alien: Covenant, the latest from Ridley Scott and the sequel to the wildly divisive film Prometheus. Is Covenant the Alien sequel that Prometheus-haters always wanted? Or is it a sneak-attack Prometheus-level weirdness delivery service with a few bonus xeno-burst scenes?

Well, meanwhile Dan hangs out on Earth and watches Alien 2: On Earth… on earth. This Italian z-grade rip-off from 1980 purports to be a sequel to the original Alien, while also being about blue rocks that have aliens inside of them. Finally, Dan’s pick for punishment album is By Divine Right’s rehash of Depeche Mode’s Speak and Spell.

All this, plus we discuss a number of very sad headlines in the world of movies and beyond (R.I.P. Roger Moore) before discussing the Netflix vs. Cannes debate, reviewing some movies and television (Table 19, The Keepers, Detroiters, Body Melt) and much more!

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