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Episode 237 – The Wailing & Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


This week on See You Next Wednesday, Casey goes and investigates the Korean horror-thriller The Wailing, while Dan moves into Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and tries to figure out what the fuss is all about (while also trying to pronounce the word “peculiar” properly.)  Then, thanks to Dan’s pick last week for Punishment Album, the two of them get… squozen by Squeeze’s album Singles: 45 and Under.

All this, plus we reveal our movies and album for next week, and we get into some movie news and what we’ve been watching in The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee (New News!) before checking out another Season 1 episode of The OC in our segment Orange You Glad It’s The OC Corner?!

Show Notes:

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  • John Young

    Love the fact Dan pulls himself up for not saying peculiar properly and yet neither of you noticed he said peregrine wrong every single time. You said “penna-green” instead of “perra-grin” every time Dan.
    Good times 🙂

    Reply to John Young
    • Dan Gorman

      I’ll never be able to say the title of that movie correctly; I’ve basically come to terms with it, haha.

      Reply to Dan Gorman
      • John Young

        At least you’ve come to terms with it and that should give you some peace.
        Sorry to be the Brit pedant here but I just can’t help myself. I’m pretty sure the Squeeze album Argybargy is pronounced arjy-barjy. It’s something we say in the UK and it means an argument or a bit of a fight. But we would pronounce it arjy-barjy for some reason.

        Reply to John Young
        • Dan Gorman

          Haha, awesome, learn something new every day! It’s well documented that the way my brain parses through first-attempts at saying things is often… wrong. Ha.

          Reply to Dan Gorman
          • John Young

            I promise to only say nice things from now on 🙂

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