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Episode 176 – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation & Pixels

mission impossible rouge nation tom cruise spy thriller

We’re back with another super-charged, extra long episode of See You Next Wednesday! 

Today, Dan and Casey have a mission – if they choose to accept it – to head out to the theater and check out the latest Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation to find out if Tom Cruise hung off that plane for a film that’s worth your time – or if the series is ready to self-destruct. Then, Greg boots up his brain to hunker down over the vintage arcade cabinet that is Adam Sandler’s PIXELS. Is this Ghostbusters inspired comedy worth the circuit board it’s printed on, or should it be buried beside old E.T. cartridges?

Then, we talk about Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way, and roll for movies next week.

But before all of this, we’re talking about the unfortunate loss of Roddy Piper, before we review and chat about Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, Staten Island Summer, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, They Live, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Tig, and so much more!

Finally, Casey takes us through another episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 season three in 9021Oh Yeah Relay!

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  • Tony D’Amico

    Please feel free to discount anything I say about music, I’ve always stated that you guys know much more about music than I do so my knowledge is shit compared to yours, so if I sound like a fucking idiot, I apologize.

    I’ve mentioned this to you guys before, but I do love dance/techno/house music. So although I do love metal and rap and now newly introduced things like Tom Waits, I do love Lady Gaga, I own all of her albums. So when Greg gave this as a punishment album I got a little excited to hear what Dan and Casey would think. I think Marry the Night and Judas are great songs personally I figured Casey would hate it, so the fact that you just didn’t like it was all right with me. I totally understand your views that these songs sound like other highly acclaimed artists from earlier days like Madonna etc. I also like what she said in that interview. I think I can pick out hundreds of worthless fuck bands/artists that made millions of dollars throughout the 80’s and 90’s and into the 2000’s just being boring musicians that sound like any other rock band. Now that’s just my opinion, I’m sure you guys would probably love some of the bands I label as “fucking worthless”, and that’s cool, we are all allowed to have opinions. I get what Casey said, I hate “rock stars” as well, but if I can at least enjoy her music above the throng of all the other bullshit, I will give her allot credit for that. If you don’t like the genre, then your already going to come in with a bias, so I as I said I expected you to dislike it. I’m glad you can at least respect her for it.

    I have never heard of this Viet Cong band, but I’ll check it out and let you know what I think

    Reply to Tony D'Amico
    • Dan Gorman

      Hey Tony! Thanks again for commenting – we don’t discount anything you say about music, you’ve got killer taste dude!

      As for Gaga, I definitely hear where you’re coming from – I definitely respect her as an artist and I dig a lot of her songs, but yeah as an album it wasn’t totally my speed, but that’s just me!

      Re: dance/techno/house stuff – I like a lot of artists in those genres. Are you into any Anjunadeep artists – deep house label based out of London. Been really into their compilations lately – some of it can venture into a bit too cheese-ball territory for me (particularly some of the vocalists) but otherwise I’m super into that scene right now.

      Also, if you don’t know Deceptikon, his album Presidio has been doing it for me lately – really great stuff:

      Thanks again for commenting, man! Means a lot to us!

      Reply to Dan Gorman
  • Matthew Price

    “that’s called bad parenting” “my daughter WILL see” Oh man is actual parenting going to CRUSH YOUR DREAMS

    Reply to Matthew Price

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