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Episode 21 – CSI: Cyber – Hack(ing)


Hello Frequent Flyers, and welcome aboard our 21st Episode, CSI: Cyber.

Some of you may be aware that a plane is full of delicate instruments, each one perfectly tuned and necessary for the full operation of the aircraft.

Now imagine if you will, that everything you loved was torn asunder and they filled the cockpit of the aircraft with the remnants of your now, patchwork life. But, the shades of who you were float about the aircraft, saying buzzwords like: The Dark Web, and Hacking, and Babies.

And then your plane is filled with Spiders.

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  • Dan Gorman

    This show sounds garbage and hilarious and I’m probably going to watch at least a few episodes.

    But tell me, does it have anything that rivals this classic?

    Reply to Dan Gorman
    • The Flying Dutchman

      Rivals it and surpasses it. But it doesn’t come close to this Keanu Reeves classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p0jmewhXeU

      Reply to The Flying Dutchman
      • Dan Gorman

        I’ve watched the first few episodes of CSI: CYBER since listening – I love it. I mean, it’s literally one of the worst television shows I’ve seen – its commitment to getting every single thing totally and completely WRONG is astonishing – but I still have a special place in my heart for it now. It’s unbelievable!

        Reply to Dan Gorman
        • The Flying Dutchman

          This is exactly how I felt watching Hemlock Grove… lovably god awful.

          Reply to The Flying Dutchman
        • Fearless Flyer

          There’s moments of just shock. Like, how do they even REACH that conclusion? How?
          I can understand loving it based on how awful it is….but Dan Gorman, please love yourself.

          Reply to Fearless Flyer
    • Kristy Kalin

      It may not be the magnum opus of 2 idiots 1 keyboard but by god does it try. It’s less clicking the ‘free ipod’ banner pop up spam, and more like one of those poorly written emails from a Nigerian Buisnessman/Royalty. Like…it’s trying, someone might believe it. But Goddamnit, STOP.
      These are legit cuts in this show.

      If you watch this episode I want you to know that you did this to yourself. You only have yourself to blame. And I want to hear all about it.

      Reply to Kristy Kalin

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