See You Next Wednesday

Episode 170 – Inside Out & Welcome To Me

Inside Out - Emotion Poster Collaboration

It’s another winner’s choice week on See You Next Wednesday, which finds Greg heading into the deep corners of his mind to find out what his emotions have to say about the latest Pixar film Inside Out while Dan checks out the Kristen Wiig comedic drama Welcome To Me from Gary Sanchez Productions. Then, Casey stays home and watches The Pacifier and reports back on this middling mid-aughts Disney comedy – one in a series of films they produced featuring popular wrestlers in lighter family-friendly fair. Finally, we figure out who is the cute one in this week’s punishment album I Am The Cute One by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

But before all of that, we’re talking about Superhero news (Marvel‘s plans for a solo-Hulk outing, the potential director announcement for Black Panther, and more,) reviewing movies we’ve seen lately (the original Poltergeist, revisiting Contact and Sphere, the 1982 sleazy detective-noir film I, The Jury) and plenty of other updates.

Then, to round out this extra-long episode, Casey walks us through a jam-packed and outrageous episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 in 9021Oh Yeah Relay!

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  • James Shults

    Love how big your Tid Bits have grown!

    Reply to James Shults
    • Dan Gorman

      Thanks so much, James! I’m always a pinch worried about the Tid Bits being daunting for new listeners, but I’m glad that the extended discussions are going over well with our listeners!

      Reply to Dan Gorman
  • Matt Brown

    Hi fellas, longtime listener, first time Disquser. Wanted to write in and say how much I appreciated Greg and Casey’s reaction to Dan’s weekly “how do you want to get into this?” question, as something similar goes through my mind roughly once per calendar week.

    But in case you’re worried that this comment is a Dan Gorman pile-on, let me also say that the iMDanB review at the end of the episode warmed my heart! Who can forget such a wonderful review? 5/5

    Reply to Matt Brown
  • Matthew Price

    there’s a reason you guys haven’t heard of The Little Prince before, that movie is straight up weird. I have a copy, BTW.

    Reply to Matthew Price
  • jakeg99

    I am above “replying”

    Reply to jakeg99
  • jakeg99

    Also, don’t argue with me, or I’ll Gymkata you.

    Reply to jakeg99
  • jakeg99

    There is NO WAY that Leviathan is BETTER than Interstellar. Also, the gymnastics scene in JP:LW is terrible.

    Reply to jakeg99

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