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Episode 16 – Alias: The Little Spy that Sorta Could


Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our Sixteenth Flight: Alias

We ask that all passengers aboard this flight wear their seatbelts, and refrain from telling their loved ones about their super secret life, lest their loved ones get unceremoniously terminated.

We also ask that all passengers turn their 90’s cellular devices off, just in case their Nokia has been bugged, and they’re listening to us…even now.

Turned off? Good. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to gather intel on the other shows on the Modern Superior – one of them is a MOLE. 

You can report back to us on Facebook who you think the mole is.

Review your mission notes on the iTunes page

You can drop the information package on the Contribution Page, and let us know what you’ve found out.

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  • Marcus

    If you watched the Netflix version of Alias, they changed most of the music used in the original pilot.

    Reply to Marcus
    • The Flying Dutchman

      I’m not saying we watched it on our laptops or anything………

      Reply to The Flying Dutchman
    • Kristy Kalin

      I think most of us used less …paid-for means to watch the show…though now you’ve said it I’m hella curious to know if we watched with the original music. Is it all 90’s music too?

      Reply to Kristy Kalin
  • Dan Gorman

    “2001 was an awkward year for fashion.”
    “…it was a SPACE ODYSSEY!”

    HA!!! Oh man, you all let that one lay and moved on, but I totally burst out loud with laughter on the street there.

    Reply to Dan Gorman
    • Fearless Flyer

      I am a genius, unrecognised in my time *wistful sigh*

      But in all honestly, glad to hear you’re still enjoying the show!

      Reply to Fearless Flyer

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