See You Next Wednesday

Episode 160 – Cut Bank & The Longest Ride


This week on the latest episode of See You Next WednesdayGreg and Casey had on down to the sleepy town of Cut Bank to check out the film of the same name – can this movie live up to its promising trailer, or is it just another case of copy-cat filmmaking? They have the answers, today! Plus, Dan takes The Longest Ride with Nicholas Sparks‘ latest adaptation to find out just how long the longest ride really can be (spoiler alert: it’s 139 minutes.) Then, they all settle in to talk about the 1980 debut album from Killing Joke.

All of that, plus reviews of Bloodline, Light Blast, Night of the Juggler, Going Clear, and lots of movie news updates. Finally, it’s Casey‘s turn up to bat on our third season of 9021Oh Yeah Relay! 

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  • Matt Reichenbacher

    Three out of three. Also, haven’t heard the episode yet. Assuming this is in reference to Daredevil. If not, watch it anyway.

    Reply to Matt Reichenbacher
  • David Followes

    Aces, dude!

    Reply to David Followes
  • See You Next Wednesday

    I will send them to you when I’m next at my computer! -Dan

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • David Followes

    Ah… Ah… Ah… Where’s da YouTube channels??? Wha’s da names of them? The NAMES???

    Reply to David Followes
  • James Cain

    “What a bummer that you guys don’t know how to watch TV.” – G LeG with the under the breath insult of the week.

    Reply to James Cain
  • Jennifer Varela Álvarez

    Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet! How have you not seen Damages?! You must get on that shit. It loses the plot a bit towards the last two seasons but the first three are solid AS FUCK.

    Reply to Jennifer Varela Álvarez
  • Matt Collie

    Two out of two Matt’s agree that a TV show, in which the main characters name is Matt, is awesome.
    No bias.

    Reply to Matt Collie

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