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Episode 105 – The Grand Budapest Hotel & Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club

This week finds Dan and Greg checking into the delightfully Wes Anderson-y The Grand Budapest Hotel and Casey becomes a life long member of The Single Mom’s Club.

All this plus Greg recounts his experience seeing The Kids In The Hall performing Brain Candy live, Cronenberg’s The Fly, the exciting conclusion of Stringfellow Hawk’s Nest, TV Dad Cage Match and more!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Flesh + Blood: The Films of Paul Verhoeven retrospective at TIFF Lightbox Theatre from Jan 24th – April 4th.

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  • See You Next Wednesday

    I urge you not to say anymore, James Cain. For your own safety.

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  • James Cain

    Wait a second Greg LeGros. Is the formation of The Company out of The Firm in Airwolf the beginning of The Company in Prison Break? Why isn’t this a bigger story?!?!?!?!

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