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Surface Noise – Episode #3 – Ptolemy Slocum from HBO’s Westworld

This is a ‘comedians talking seriously about music’ episode, man. Richard talks with actor/comedian Ptolemy Slocum of HBO’s Westworld about Leonard Cohen (RIP) and the controversial use of pop music on Westworld.  Also, we give our vinyl recommendation of the week. Short but sweet!

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  • Dominic Linton

    Great episode! I loved Westworlds’ use of pop music in their show. I didn’t catch onto some of the songs until the lyrics started playin in my head. Ptolemy was right! Paint it Black during the robbery scene fit perfect imo.

    Reply to Dominic Linton
    • Richard Surface Noise

      Thanks, Dominic. I think the use of Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack while Maeve and Felix walked around the offices hit me the hardest. Really looking forward to season 2.

      Reply to Richard Surface Noise

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