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Episode 246 – Office Christmas Party & I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Get your egg nog ready, because we’re going full-on Christmas this week! Dan and Casey spike their drinks with the comedy-cocktail that is Office Christmas Party – starring everyone who’s anyone in the Comedy game – before Greg gets dumped into the desert by his frat-friends and has to exclaim “I’ll Be Home For Christmas!” as we watches the film of the same name – starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Finally, all three of us hope you don’t have a Blue and Lonesome Christmas, but we still have to listen to the new Rolling Stones album, which is an all-blues cover-album.

But first, we are talking about new trailers – The Fate of the Furious and Spider-Man Homecoming – before diving in to what movies we have been watching this week, digging up some hidden gems for the listeners, and getting into another episode of The O.C. Season 1.

Happy Holidays Y’all!


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  • Matt Brown

    Hi guys, I deleted my facebook.

    Re: Visionary Director Gore Verbinski: yeah, that’s a cheesy and ridiculous way to describe him in that trailer, and yeah, his filmography has an ample dollop of misses in it. But I think you are dismissing him too easily. His movies, even the bad ones (OK, I haven’t seen The Weatherman), have a lot of genuine invention in them that make them a hell of a lot more interesting than similar Hollywood fare. You don’t like the 2 Pirates sequels? Fine, but I defy you to find (besides Gollum) a more creatively conceived CGI character in that decade than Davy Jones, or a scene in a $300M blockbuster as defiantly weird as Jack Sparrow in hell – commanding a ship full of Jack Sparrows. (Because that IS hell.)

    The Mexican is garbage, but it’s not garbage in the way you think it is (it’s not a Brad Pitt / Julia Roberts rom-com… it’s aiming for True Romance and hitting Seven Psychopaths instead). The Lone Ranger is an unholy mess, but it’s a mess with a substantially more elevated take on the white genocide of native Americans (even notwithstanding the casting of Johnny) than anything Disney has EVER made – and both of the train sequences are fucking amazing. Mouse Hunt is a wall-to-wall delight. Rango is a wall-to-wall delight.

    So I guess what I’m saying is: what’s it like to be wrong all the time?

    I’ma write a book about that guy, I just decided.

    Reply to Matt Brown
    • Dan Gorman

      Listen, I agree that we probably undervalued Gore’s visual style and flair in that discussion in favor of riffing on the ridiculousness of the “Visionary” title card. I think the point remains that whenever that kind of interstitial comes up, it’s often like… what?

      imo the point remains that it’s a weird thing to have there, though I agree with you that Davy Jones was astonishing and in general his movies have more visual flair than our chat probably let on.

      also, I don’t think any of us said that we thought The Mexican was bad because it’s a rom-com? We just said the title and sighed, though I do think that movie gets unfairly maligned thanks to the poster. It has been a lot of years since I saw it though, so I didn’t weigh in on whether I thought it was bad or good as such.

      Reply to Dan Gorman

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