Super Zero!

WE’RE BACK! Super Zero returns from summer vacation for Phase 2 of their tour through the comic book superhero movie universe(s), and Alia immediately has questions, like: Who is the Ant Man? Why isn’t there an Archie movie? And what do we know about Phase 3 (of Marvel, and of Super Zero) so far?

Matt has questions of his own, like: do bugs have morality? Will Alia ever remember to watch a post-credits scene? And if Matt repeats a joke long enough, does it come true?

It’s a giant-sized look at a tiny little superhero in Marvel’s Phase 2 closer, ANT-MAN! And we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ryan McNeil and Alex Kittle for the long-awaited Super Zero fan art!!

Direct Download: Super_Zero-ANT-MAN.mp3