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Episode 174 – Ant-Man & Elektra


Time for another episode of See You Next Wednesday! This week, Greg and Casey shrunk down and ran out to the theaters to check out the latest offering from Marvel: Ant-Man! Does Paul Rudd pull off the superhero role? And how does the film’s storied history of passing through many hands translate to the screen? They’ve got answers for you! Then, Dan stays at home and watches an earlier attempt from Marvel with their Daredevil spin-off Elektra! Then, at the hands of Casey from last week, we had to listen to a whole album from the Backstreet Boys.

Before any of that happens, we’re talking about movie news and what we’ve watched in The Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee. Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men film, Image Comics, Spawn, the Goosebumps and Ash vs The Evil Dead trailers, and so much more!

Finally, Greg has another episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 to relay back to us in our 9021Oh Yeah Relay! segment!

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  • Matt Brown

    Loved Phantom Menace Corner and am very much looking forward to you continuing this series next week with Attack of the Clones – and hell, throw in the original films eventually, cuz we all know we’re gonna watch ’em before the force wakes up.

    The Clone Wars is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I love it for all the reasons Greg describes – it’s good anthology, while still being a revision/improvement on the prequels (which, yeah, I like, but whatever, we can discuss that later). More than that I love it because it reminds me, often, of the adventures I’d have in my head when I was a kid imagining what young Ben and Anakin would have gotten up to during the clone wars. When I was playing with my action figures, I was dreaming up shit exactly like this.

    One more thing about the prequels in general, though. I do like them but I don’t “defend” them, because I fully understand why the people who hate them, hate them. But one of the most interesting things I saw this year was this random comment on Tumblr:

    Which is another reason I generally give the prequels a pass: they weren’t really made for me, and a lot of the kids they WERE made for fucking LOVE those movies. They were that generation’s…. uh…. Star Wars. Just like my Star Wars was my Star Wars. And it makes me happy beyond description that there are so many different Star Warses out there and so many different people enjoying them.

    Reply to Matt Brown
    • Tony D’Amico

      This is exactly what I was going to post, I get in arguments with my friends all the time about the prequels. As you say, I also enjoy them for exactly what they are, but I don’t defend them, it’s a losing argument, their minds are already made up that the films are shit. I know they aren’t amazing, but I can’t help but enjoy watching them on a certain level. I’m not trying to make a dig on Greg either since he was talking some shit last week, I agree that some performances weren’t good, like Portman’s and Lloyd’s. I do think that Liam Neesonn was good as well, I would say that Ewan McGregor gets better as the prequels go along. His performance in Revenge of the Sith is pretty great IMO.
      But my absolute favorite thing about the Phantom Menace is the score. Williams’ score is brilliant if you ask me. I will admit that when a film has a great score I tend to automatically enjoy it more, I must have some sensory thing where aural stimulation gives me enjoyment, seriously, I can listen to the score right now on my computer and my eyes will tear up and I’ll get the chills. but I don’t give a fuck it is amazing. Specifically “Duel of the Fates” holy hell is that good

      Reply to Tony D'Amico
    • Dan Gorman

      I’ll chime in with a response to one part of your comment – since I don’t really have a dog in the Star Wars fight, so to speak.

      I definitely relate to your final comment, re: “it makes me happy beyond description that there are so many different Star Warses out there…”

      Listeners may remember my rant about the Han Solo movie from an episode or two ago, so I won’t re-iterate too much, but I recently had a similar conversation about the upcoming Jem & The Holograms film and its trailer. That adaptation may not exactly be what fans of the original property are looking for, but I imagine (and hope!) that it’s exactly what a large audience of younger moviegoers will be excited about, and that is fantastic.

      Reply to Dan Gorman

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