This week on Time Bandits, we’ve got a triple feature!

In what would become a trend for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he released two films in the year 1990: Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop – a sci-fi action film and comedy, respectively. You’d think all three of our hosts could agree on these flicks, but you may be surprised! Listen in to hear their thoughts on the special effects extravaganza that is Total Recall, and if the kid-comedy-meets-cop-picture fusion of Kindergarten Cop holds up these days.

Then, it’s time to pop in a cassette – but don’t hurt ’em! It’s MC Hammer’s smash hit Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em – and does this album hurt to listen to? We checked it out, and will tell you!

Joining us on our journey for his third appearance, is Gavin Fox (Orphan Black, Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries.)

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