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Episode 66 – Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop & Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em


This week on Time Bandits, we’ve got a triple feature!

In what would become a trend for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he released two films in the year 1990: Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop – a sci-fi action film and comedy, respectively. You’d think all three of our hosts could agree on these flicks, but you may be surprised! Listen in to hear their thoughts on the special effects extravaganza that is Total Recall, and if the kid-comedy-meets-cop-picture fusion of Kindergarten Cop holds up these days.

Then, it’s time to pop in a cassette – but don’t hurt ’em! It’s MC Hammer’s smash hit Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em – and does this album hurt to listen to? We checked it out, and will tell you!

Joining us on our journey for his third appearance, is Gavin Fox (Orphan Black, Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries.)

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  • Allan McPherson

    I am not sure if the impression in the intro was the best Dan Gorman I have heard, but I swear you nailed “snooty french waiter with a tray of cocktails balancing on one foot before falling into a swimming pool after being bumped by adorable children/lovable mutt/random sporting goods.” Its like I was there!

    Reply to Allan McPherson
  • Matt Brown

    Well this one took me back. TOTAL RECALL was my first R-rated movie in a theatre. It was also the first time I saw a 3-titted whore in a theatre! Boyoyoyoyoyoyoing!!

    You guys mentioned the visual effects of the movie. In addition to being my first R-rated movie and my first 3-titted whore, TOTAL RECALL was also the focus of the first issue of Cinefex magazine I ever bought, and yeah, that movie’s commitment to animatronics and prosthetics remains seriously impressive. You can STILL get the back-issue on the Cinefex web site, and it also covers the creation of the flying train from BACK TO THE FUTURE III, which makes it a perfect Time Bandits Episode 66 purchase.


    Also, KINDERGARTEN COP sucks.

    Reply to Matt Brown
  • Tony D’Amico

    I will come out and say that for years now Total Recall has been my favorite Arnold movie. Not that it’s far and away my favorite, it’s .1% more favorable to me than Commando, which is .1% more favorable than T2, which is .1% more favorable than Running Man and so on and so forth. You get the picture, but for me Total Recall is my fav. I know I went on about the score with my last post for the SYNW episode about Star Wars, but the score in Total Recall is pretty fucking amazing as well.

    I wouldn’t say I agree completely with Dan about Kindergarten Cop, but I watched it about a year ago and I will say it didn’t hold up very well. I chuckled a few times, but overall I thought it was just all right.

    Reply to Tony D'Amico

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