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Episode 12 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


What’s up, Cap? We tackle the First Avenger by way of his second movie, which has Alia wondering: why is this title so misleading? Who is Face Belly? And how many people in this movie are Captain America?

Matt has answers around the coopting of American patriotism by the political right, and why¬†Garry Shandling’s balls are gross. It’s a star-spangled look at the Russo Bros.’ first effort for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER!

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  • RvanceTal

    So a couple things:
    Isaiah Bradley is the first PoC Captain America and his backstory is really dark.
    Secondly the first issue of the comic Secret Warriors(the SHIELD series Marvel had running before the movies really took off) revealed in the cliffhanger that SHIELD was always just one head of the HYDRA empire and their entire conflict over the years was just shadowboxing.

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