Oh, hell yeah! Erik Estrada stars in Enzo G. Castellari’s LIGHT BLAST! A packed-to-the-gills, mix-n-match sci-fi-action-n-crime flick that has it all: copious amounts of car chases and gunshot squibs, a laser-wielding mad-man who is terrorizing San Francisco and attacking large digital clocks, a ton of Indiana Jones-esque face-melting sequences, and a scene where Estrada carries cooked chicken into a hostage situation and then shoots the bad dudes with a gun hiding in said chicken.

There’s also high-speed dune-buggy chases through the city and plenty of dangerous looking stunts (many highlighted in Code Red‘s trailer above [so I guess it’s technically not a throwback trailer, but you get the idea])- and then, like all good B-flicks, it just ends.

light blast erik estrada action film 1985

 The bad guy is dead, the city has been saved (even though countless people have been melted into piles of steaming face-goo, as well as more than just a few digital clocks have been blown to smithereens) and so… the end! Estrada hasn’t even begun to walk away from the post-carnage wreckage and the credits are already rolling – that’s how you end a picture! Get in, pile on the action, and get out!

It’s all pretty spectacular, there aren’t any major lulls to be found, and Castellari shoots everything in his gritty pseudo-documentary street-level lensing style. I heartily recommend this one – it’s an above average flick with just the right amount of rough-around-the-edges Italian-meets-American action-filmmaking charm.