Hello Frequent Flyers and Welcome aboard our Fifteenth Flight: Keys to the VIP

We would like to [sounds of a scuffle] hey wait [P.A system clicks off]

[P.A. system clicks on]

BROooooo, check it out bro – mile high club, bro! We gonna split dis plane – left side you’re all Alpha Sigma Bro, right side you’re Delta Kappa Delta.

We gonna see which side is the true Alpha male, turn to the chick closet to you and give her your best line boii you got dis!

And if she don’t like it she’s a bi–[scuffle sounds]

[P.A. Clicks off]

[P.A Clicks on]

Do we have doctor on this plane? And an Air Marshall? Or a cop. Or someone with a really heavy purse?

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