A Frame Apart Episode 98 - A Family Affair: Ariel and Derek | Modern Superior

It’s week two of A Frame Apart’s A Family Affair, and that means we’re that much closer to episode 100! This week we welcome our second of four very special guests, Ariel’s big brother, Derek Fisher!

This week’s siblings are talking about a very strange selection of films. These weren’t their favourites growing up, nor were they necessarily the most influential films for the Fisher kids. Instead, these three films hinge on a common theme: nostalgia and forbidden content. From the Dad-approved The Karate Kid (the original from 1984, of course), to Poltergeist (also the OG, from 1982), the parent-approved horror flick that Derek, four years Ariel’s senior, was allowed to watch first. It all wraps up with the ultimate forbidden cinema: Natural Born Killers. Derek was a shocking 10 years old when he saw the controversial Oliver Stone flick, and Ariel was just 6! Tune in to the episode – we have stories to tell!

Next week’s guests are two of our favourite women of all time – our mothers! That’s right, episode 99 features Ariel’s mom, Silvia Mac Con, and Bob’s mom, Vicki Barrow, as well all gather round the mics to discuss the films that mattered most to us growing up. Ariel’s selections include The Sound of Music and A League of Their Own, while Bob’s include the original Doctor Doolittle (1967), and something completely different: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). Let’s just say it’s an interesting conversation!

MOST IMPORTANTLY! We’ll be wrapping it all up with a very special guest on our 100th episode. None other than The Matinee Cast host himself, Ryan McNeil! What’s even more important is that WE’LL BE STREAMING THE ENTIRE RECORDING PROCESS LIVE ON INSTAGRAM! That’s right! On Sunday, July 15th, at approximately 7:30pm EST, tune in to @AFrameApartCast on Instagram to see the whole thing live and uncut!

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