It’s the home stretch, folks! We are four – read it, FOUR!!! – episodes away from the big 100! This week included, of course. And we are counting down to the big “centennial” by including our family. We start it all off with the first of four very special guests: none other than Bob’s big sister, Jacqueline Barrow.

This particular dynamic duo is talking about three of their favourite films growing up: A Goofy MovieEmpire Records (the original cut, OF COURSE!), and Bio-Dome. From their love of Paulie Shore to the father-son dynamic of Goofy and the near-Shakespearean theatricality of Empire Records, there’s tons to dig into this week, so don’t miss a moment of it!

Next week’s guest is Ariel’s big brother, Derek Fisher! The two are discussing nostalgia, the films that were vetted by the parents, the films that were supervised by their parents, and the films their parents had no idea they’d watched at a grossly inappropriate age: The Karate Kid (1984, of course!), Poltergeist (1982, of course!), and Natural Born Killers. Because what says family friendly fare quite like Mallory and Mickey Knox?

MOST IMPORTANTLY! We’ll be wrapping it all up with a very special guest on our 100th episode. None other than The Matinee Cast host himself, Ryan McNeil! What’s even more important is that WE’LL BE STREAMING THE ENTIRE RECORDING PROCESS LIVE ON INSTAGRAM! That’s right! On Monday, July 16th, at approximately 7:30pm EST, tune in to @AFrameApartCast on Instagram to see the whole thing live and uncensored!

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