A Frame Apart Episode 59 - Magic VS Open Water | Modern Superior

It’s that time of year again, folks! October is upon us, which means we’re starting our month of Halloween! And to kick things off, we’re taking one for the team – it’s our Phobia Episode! Last year, Bob attempted to tackle his ophidiophobia through Anaconda and Snakes on a Plane, while Ariel revisited her arachnophobia through … well, Arachnophobia. This year, Bob faced his automatonophobia with Richard Attenborough’s Magic (1978), while Ariel dove headfirst into Open Water (2003) and her Megalohydrothalassophobia … it’s a thing. So grab your security blanket, turn on all the lights, and join us as we dive into some of our deepest, darkest fears in this spooktacular episode!

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