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Episode 13 – Arachnophobia VS Anaconda and Snakes on a Plane

Episode 13 - Arachnophobia VS Anaconda & Snakes on a Plane

Halloween is one of our favourite times of year here at A Frame Apart. As such, we’ve turned the month of October into a four-week-long celebration of all things halloween! In episode 11 we revisited our favourite halloween viewing as kids with Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid. And for episode 12, we ate our darts as we watched the godfather of slashers, Mario Bava’s classic Twitch of the Meth Nerve Twitch of the Death Nerve.

This week, we’re entering terrifying territory with an exploration of all things phobic. We offer ourselves up – well, Ariel does, anyway – at the altar of true fear with Arachnophobia, Anaconda, and Snakes on a Plane. Yes, folks, it’s a threefer this week, as there just wasn’t anything scary enough for Bob to live out his ophidiophobia (that’s the phobia of snakes, guys!)

So join us as we bare all. We talk about the origins of our phobias, the nature of fear, and the strange and unusual things people all over the world are afraid of.

Speaking of fear, don’t miss out on the inaugural Bloody Mary Film Festival at the Carlton! The festival, run by co-executive directors Laura Di Girolamo and Krista Dzialoszynski, celebrates “women in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.” It runs from November 3rd to the 4th. The film schedule should be up Friday, October 21st for your perusal!

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  • Sean Kelly

    I most definitely have spheksophobia (fear of wasps). I also sometimes experience claustrophobia if I have limited mobility in a tight space.

    Reply to Sean Kelly
    • Sean Kelly

      Probably one my biggest wasp freak outs was one time I was walking home and a wasp landed on the rim of my cap. I could see it crawling on the underside towards my face and I just ended up quickly throwing my cap onto the ground and running across the street (I would reclaim the cap when the coast was clear).

      Reply to Sean Kelly

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