A Frame Apart Podcast Episode 105 - The Dollars Trilogy | Modern Superior

This week, Bob and Ariel dare to explore their first Westerns on the show! And what better way to start than with the Dollars Trilogy? In this very manageable First-To-Last episode, they make their way from Joe to Blondie, all while discussing Leone’s impact on the Western, Morricone’s incredible score, and much, much more.

Next week, it’s back to school for many a youngster! But that’s no reason A Frame Apart can’t head back to the hallowed halls of education and higher learning! Given the current climate of “fake news”, disavowal of science and fact, and a resurgence of emboldened racism, we’re making an attempt to shift the discourse. Next week we’ll be discussing Stanley Kramer’s Inherit The Wind alongside Robert Mulligan’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

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