As the kiddies are heading back to school, we at A Frame Apart decided it was time to talk about the serious hit on reason and human decency society as a whole has taken of late. To do so, we’re taking a look at two legends of American cinema: Inherit the Wind VS To Kill a Mockingbird. From the Scopes Trial to Harper Lee’s childhood, we’re talking about science versus religion, the pitfalls of hiding behind the Bible, the nobility of Atticus Finch, and the importance of teaching our children and all future generations patience, understanding, and humility. All of this and so much more!

Next week we’ll be getting a little sillier! We’re still back to school, but as adults. Hey, you’re never too old for knowledge! It’s Billy Madison VS Patch Adams, two films that couldn’t be more tonally opposite that still manage to touch on what it feels like to go back and start from scratch.

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