Don’t call it a comeback.

Maybe call it a hangover.

Dave and Jeremy are back, awake from cyrofreeze, ready to face a world full of MRAs, NRAs, RAs* and trays and trays of delicious beer.

In their triumphant return, recorded a scant two weeks prior, they sample Block Three’s King Street Saison, Royal City’s Saison Hibiscus and Oast House’s Gramma’s Strawberry Rhubarb.

Of course, in between they wax poetic on death, possums, Sony, and subways. That’s right… it’s the same old show where two guys drink a bunch of beer and talk about whatever the hell they wanna talk about.

So pull up a barstool, set the way-back machine to 2014 and get ready for a good, ol’ fashioned DrinkAlong.

And remember…

DrinkAlong, don’t drink alone.

*The MRA, NRA and RA discussion was cut for time.

Direct Download: DrinkAlong – Episode 40 – The Motion Picture (but we don’t talk about movies anymore)