cold moth electronic 2015 toronto

After releasing a series of interest-piquing teaser trailers, Toronto electronic artist ColdMoth aka Tim Reid has dropped his debut single “Make A Decision” on Bandcamp.

The song, which you can stream above, features slinky guitar strums and plucks which bring to mind the best of Tycho, and builds towards a cinematic climax featuring layers upon layers of synth arpeggios and skittering beats. It’s a wonderful balance, as even though the song sounds downright packed-to-the-gills with fussed over details, it never sounds cluttered; the drum patterns that fill out the song are neither too esoteric nor in-your-face, they’re just right.

For more of his work, check out the teaser trailers below – or keep your eye on the official Facebook and Bandcamp pages, as this is an act to watch.

Dan Gorman