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Episode 180 – Vacation, The Gift & We Are Your Friends

vacation 2015 remake

We’re back, with an on-location (see: Dan’s basement) episode of See You Next Wednesday!

Join us, as we chat about the latest trailers for Ash vs. The Evil Dead and Concussion, the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic, get down and dirty with our discussion about The Paperboy, and also mourn the loss of one of Horror’s most influential director’s, Wes Craven. We also talk about some movies we have been watching, including The Heavenly Kid, SELF/LESS, Chris Rock’s Top Five, Watchmen, It’s Such a Beautiful Day and more.

In Film RouletteDan and Casey got to pick their own films and they watched The Gift and Vacation (2015) respectively. How will the Vacation remake stand up – is it good enough, or a let down? And how will Dan react to the trashy-art-house thrills of The Gift? We’ve got all the answers to these questions, plus Greg‘s reaction to one of the biggest box-office bombs in recent memory: We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron. 

All of this, plus we get back into some Melrose Place action, and 9021Oh Yeah Relay will return next week!

Show Notes:

  • Opening & General Movie Discussions: [Intro through 40m 40s]
  • Vacation Review: [Starts at 41m 40s]
  • The Gift Review: [Starts 50m 00s]
  • We Are Your Friends Review: [Starts at 58m 32s]
  • Sauna Youth’s Distractions Review & Punishment Album Reveal: [Starts at 1h 10m 15s]
  • Film Roulette Dice Roll – Winner’s Choice vs. Before We Go: [Starts at 1h 22m 49s]
  • Melrose Place Corner (Greg): [Starts at 1h 26m 15s]

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  • Fearless Flyer

    Ok, 1. Asking to borrow a stranger’s deodorant is weird. Like….I can see it in some very specific circumstances like…after the gym class, you just showered and you’re going to work, and you sorta know someone from around the gym MAYBE MAYBE you can ask but like…absolute stranger? No. So weird. So gross.
    2. Borrowing a toothbrush from a friend? That friend better be married to me or as good as married to me. We’re talking 4+ years of friendship. That bitch better give me a house key.

    Reply to Fearless Flyer
  • Tony D’Amico

    I know I’m a few weeks behind and this isn’t the episode relevant to the album, but I’ve now listened to Viet Cong 3 times and I’m honestly very conflicted about it. Greg wasn’t lying when he said it’s a slow burn, but I do like the first few tracks a lot. It’s strange, I found each song had something I found unique and interesting, and at the same time I also found that almost every song had something that I actively disliked. At times I liked the singers voice, and at others I felt like I wanted to skip the track. But all in all, I did enjoy it enough to listen to it 3 times. I recommended it to a friend of mine, but he hasn’t gotten back to me if on his thoughts. Anyway, still need to listen to your brothers band Greg, I haven’t forgotten.

    Reply to Tony D'Amico

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