Let's Scare Matthew Price to Death

The People Under the Stairs, with Sheila Campbell

giant white guy points shotgun at little black guy

Is that sound the house settling, or is somebody in the wall? I’m practically scared to death and my money is definitely on wall person or persons. My amazing guest Sheila Campbell stopped by to scare me to death with Wes Craven‘s socially conscious (for 1991) The People Under the Stairs. Sheila stars in Astron 6′s fantastic Giallo The Editor (Buy it!) and has 4 other films coming out soon. Our talk is fantastic, great acting is a HUGE part of being able scare someone (to death) and her perspective is really enlightening.

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  • Allan McPherson

    Any movie that calls unleashing an antisocial, abused, and possibly cannibalistic horde into a “raise the roof” block party/social uprising a happy ending is aces in my book!

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