HEART CONDITION, Bob Hoskins, Denzel Washington, 1990, (c)New Line Cinema

This week on Time Bandits, we’re watching Heart Condition! It’s a woefully misguided buddy-comedy-ghost-fantasy-action-romance flick starring Denzel Washington and Bob Hoskins as a sleazy lawer and cop (respectively) – when the former passes away and the latter receives his heart through a transplant, Hoskins is followed around by Washington’s ghost who helps him avoid cheeseburgers and help solve his own murder. Convoluted, right? It’s also shockingly unfunny.

Then, we listen to the seminal metal album Rust In Peace by Megadeth. Are our opinions of this record coloured by what was to come with the band, or will we mosh straight through this influential record?

Headbanging along with us, is Antony East of The ’92 Blue Jays! Check them out on Bandcamp, right now!

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