Time Bandits

Episode 56 – Don’t Tell Her It’s Me & Jawbreaker’s Unfun


This week we travel back to a time when Steve Guttenberg was still sort of relevant as we check out the 1990 romantic comedy film Don’t Tell Her It’s Me. Then we listen to Jawbreaker‘s debut album Unfun to find out if it’s aptly named.

Our guest this week is fellow podcaster Alia Miller (Modern Superior‘s Super Zero Podcast and What She’s Having Podcast)

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  • AllanMcPherson

    I misheard the opening a bit and that you were time travelling via Adrian Brody Jacking.  Does that work?  Is that why his jacket is grody?

    Reply to AllanMcPherson
  • tederick

    alia_138 yckmd_ Gorman – please put that on the back of the shirt.

    Reply to tederick
  • alia_138

    tederick yckmd_ I’m so happy there was an audience for that joke and not just my cat like usual.

    Reply to alia_138
  • tederick

    yckmd_ alia_138 Get to work on that t-shirt Gorman

    Reply to tederick
  • yckmd_

    tederick alia_138 I AM GUTT

    Reply to yckmd_

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