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Episode 6 – Howard The Duck


Friends and listeners, it’s time to get Ducked! We take a trip back to a movie that was not only the first movie ever based on a Marvel comic book, but will also likely remain the definition of a Hollywood “bomb” for the rest of time. And once we get past the duck boobs and feather boners, Alia has questions like: What is Howard the Duck’s relationship to veganism? And how many frickin’ characters are in the Marvel Universe anyway?

Grab your duck condoms! It’s the George Lucas 1986 extravaganza, HOWARD THE DUCK!

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  • matthewfabb

    I’m not sure I’ve seen Howard the Duck since the 1980’s but this podcast makes me want to go and revisit it. ­čÖé
    In the podcast you ask about Howard the Duck fans and that this likely didn’t have much of a fanbase. Strangely enough, I remember it (as a comic book fan in the 1980’s) having quite the hardcore cult following. People who loved the series, *really* loved it. The fanbase seemed to be adults from who grew up with Marvel as a kid in the 1960’s but had grown cynical of them. There were fans of things like┬áRobert Crumb comics and other underground comics. I think they loved Howard the Duck because of the way it parodied Marvel comics.
    Anyways, this niche of hardcore Howard the Duck fans absolutely *hated* the movie and saw it as a betrayal of the ideal of the comic and just Marvel selling out. At the same time Marvel didn’t really about about this audience, since beyond Howard the Duck they weren’t exactly buying any Marvel comics.

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  • SuperZeroCast

    AllanMcPherson I’m shattered by this!

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  • AllanMcPherson

    fyi…Ducks aren’t vegetarian. ┬á Also, check out duck reproduction. ..that feather is way less horrific than the reality.

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