Time Bandits

Episode 45 – Howling V: The Rebirth & Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine


Do you love werewolf movies but often wish they had way less werewolves in them? Then Howling V: The Rebirth is the movie for you! We didn’t feel right subjecting a guest to this masterpiece of cinematic bullshit, so we’re going it alone this week.

Since this podcast revolves around a time machine, we thought we’d check out a different kind of machine: a pretty hate one! We’re listening to Nine Inch Nails‘ classic Pretty Hate Machine and trying to figure out what makes Trent Reznor so sad and cranky. Check it out!

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  • TimeBanditsPod

    Angelicize ahh, totally! We’ll get you on the show for sure!

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  • Angelicize

    TimeBanditsPod Augh! Next time you’re guest-less, talkin about horror and NIN, give me a call!

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