This week on a very special Time Bandits, we travel back in time to check out the explosion-filled Dolph Lundgren film Red Scorpion – from director Joseph Zito, who you may remember from Invasion USA fame. Yes, this man knows his action, and isn’t afraid to pack this flick to the brim with stunts! How does it hold up?

Afterwards, we get into a lengthy and fascinating discussion about the debut album from The Tragically Hip (Up To Here), before spiraling into an aside about the Canadian music landscape.

Of course, to help us navigate such territory is none other than The Schomberg Fair‘s Matt Bahen. An incredible musician, immensely talented artist, and all around great guy, he’s the only one to go to for both this kind of movie, and an in depth talk about Canada’s music industry. Don’t forget to grab their final – and maybe their best – album, I Won’t Be Afraid!

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