Time Bandits

Episode 19 – The Brain and Glass Tiger

We’re focusing on the Great White North for the 19th episode of Time Bandits! Yes, it’s an all Canadian episode, with the 1988 science-fiction creature feature The Brain – directed by Bloody Birthday‘s . Then, we take a listen to Glass Tiger‘s album Diamond Sun – a thoroughly smooth and cruddy pop album.

Joining us this week is Paul Corupe – creator of the incredible website Canuxploitation, and co-curator of Toronto’s The Black Museum! Follow Paul on Twitter, and make sure you check out The Black Museum‘s lectures that are now in session!

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  • KurtHalfyard

    modernsuperiorKurtHalfyard I have yet to see nekkid ladies in the Scale-Up Engineering section of the building (one of the high points of the film) but the nick-name for that area is indeed SUE.   And there is lots and lots of SODIUM in the building, but if you really wanted to fuck-up a mutant over-sized brain, you’d use Butyl-Lithium, which really does some fire-works when you drop in in water.  Just sayin’
    Also shot in our building:  William Shatner’s Tekwar TV show in the early 1990s.

    Reply to KurtHalfyard
  • modernsuperior

    KurtHalfyard Whoa, now that is cool.

    Reply to modernsuperior
  • KurtHalfyard

    I currently work in the building in which that film was shot, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada.

    Reply to KurtHalfyard
  • modernsuperior

    Deefidicus Haha, that’s awesome! Both that you have that VHS and also that you have no Glass Tiger related anecdotes.

    Reply to modernsuperior
  • Deefidicus

    Ha! I actually have a VHS copy of The Brain given to me by a neighbour who worked on the film. More importantly though, I have nothing related to Glass Tiger.

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