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Episode 80 – TIFF 2013, The World’s End, Gravity & Crazy Enough

See You Next Wednesday turns 80 today! This week, we talk about The World’s End again, plus Sandra Bullock and George Clooney blast off into outer space in Gravity. Greg stayed on earth and watched the Netflix dud Crazy Enough starring Chris Kattan times two. Eesh.

All of that, plus spoiler talk, a final TIFF 2013 wrap up, we find out if Homeland is as good as everyone says, and suffer through an Aaron Carter album – double eesh.

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  • See You Next Wednesday

    Oh dude, that clip in the article.

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  • James Cain

    “Aaron gets to work on his macaroni salad, and he immediately encounters a problem. The recipe calls for ranch dressing and he can’t find any in the cupboard. “I just thought it’d be right there.” Summer Sanders tells him he has to make it himself, and I maybe have never seen anyone more defeated. His face would have fallen, if he had enough skin left on his face. “I was not aware I have to create ranch dressing from scratch.” He then proceeds to try and create ranch dressing from taste memory, and it is unbelievable. You need to watch this show. He’s putting sour cream in a bowl and then just smelling ingredients. He puts about a cup of garlic powder in, he smells hot sauce. Then he adds a little Thousand Island dressing, and that “ruins it” apparently. Watching him try to figure it out is like if a bunch of elementary school kids got stranded on a desert island and tried to then invent medicine. “Hmm. It’s often white? You have it with water? Maybe we can use these tiny shells. Why is Jordan still sick?””

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  • James Cain

    Last but not least, there is Aaron Carter. Wow. What to say about this kid: singer, actor, younger brother of Nick Carter, former boyfriend of Hilary Duff, current unsettling freak show. Look, maybe Aaron Carter has never done any meth. Probably, right? All I’m saying is that also maybe he’s done ALL of it. There’s just no way to know which is the right answer. I feel really bad for him. Everything he says is in this meek, whispered, sing-songy voice that makes it sound like he’s apologizing for being molested. You want to hug him and repeat, “It’s not your fault” over and over again. I mean, you don’t actually want to hug him, but you get my drift. In his intro, he says, “What people don’t know is that I love to cook.” I get the impression you like to cook something, Aaron Carter, but my guess is the recipes are less Marco Pierre White and more Walter White, you know?

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