This week on the podcast, Greg and Casey (and Dan AGAIN??!!!) blow up at Atomic Blonde, the latest action flick from one-half of the team behind John Wick. Does this Charlize Theron 80s-themed action-spy-thriller hold up under scrutiny, or is it a character in search of a better script? Find out! Meanwhile, Dan also stays at home and watches the “all new movie” Cop and a Half: New Recruit. Did anyone ask for this? Is it as bad as it sounds? How much of it is “all-new?” Find out! Then we discuss Taylor Hicks’ crap album The Distance before it disappears into a puff of air.

All of this, plus we talk about new movie trailers, movies that we have been watching this week, and so much more. Also: please be sure to check out the Patreon for all new bonus material – including Prison Break Corner, classic episodes of Time Bandits and video content too!

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