A Frame Apart Episode 51 - Now and Then VS Stand By Me | Modern Superior

Summer as a kid always meant one thing: no school! You had the freedom to do whatever you wanted – and whatever your parents would allow – with your friends all day, every day, in the hot summer sun. You rode your bikes, got into trouble, got messy, and had adventures. For everyone, summer was also a time of transition, and growth. For coming of age, some might say! This week, while summer rages on, we’re taking a look at two of our favourite coming-of-age stories: Now and Then versus Stand By Me! These films manage to transcend gendered representation, creating a universal story of what it means to come into your own as a young adult. We discuss what makes Stand By Me‘s darkness so important, how Now and Then tackles parental fallibility, the anxiety of the changing adolescent body, and so much more. So grab that tree house money, hop on your bike, follow the train tracks, and come with us on an adventure into what it means to come of age.

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