doctor-strange-poster-slice-600x200This week on the show – between obsessively checking election updates – Dan and Casey get a check up from Marvel’s newest, Doctor Strange. We briefly discuss the controversy around the film’s casting before diving into what makes the latest comic book hero both visually striking and structurally expected. Then, we send Greg back in time for his dose of 1979’s TV movie version of Doctor Strange – how does this adaptation stack up? Did you know that Jessica Walter starred in it? Is it a great throwback or just a dull pilot episode for a series that never came to be? He’s got answers for you! Finally, we discuss Grant Lee Buffalo’s 1994 release, Mighty Joe Moon and roll for movies next week.

All of this, plus a discussion about the O.C. episode “The Nana,” reviews of movies we’ve seen lately, movie news such as Max Landis’ upcoming remake of one of his fathers’ most beloved films, Predator news, casting of Stranger Things Season 2, and so much more!

Be safe out there, and be kind.

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