“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

In honor of Remembrance Day, we’ve stepped away from our month of Noirvember to focus on the important holiday. Now, more than ever, we must remember the fallen soldiers who fought for our country. We must remember the lives that were lost in concentration camps throughout Europe. Through Hacksaw Ridge and Denial we discuss the sacrifices of many, and the tyranny of others. We focus on the importance of humanity, in film and in life.

As the days feel darker, and the future seems more tenuous, it is our imperative duty to one another to remember.

Please share with us your family’s stories from the wars. Be it from the vantage point of war, the inside of Auschwitz, internment camps in Canada, or POW camps abroad. Ask your grandparents to tell you their stories. Write them down, and share them with others.

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Be kind to one another. And be safe.

Yad Vashem’s Hall of Names Archive