This week, Dan and Casey go it alone for the opening of the show as they discuss the latest in movie news and what they’ve been watching this week. Then, Greg arrives and they dive into the shark-thriller The Shallows to find out just how deep the water is before Dan turns back time and visits some extraordinary gentlemen with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Finally, they all get ready to mope-rock through the debut album of Death Cab for Cutie.

All of this, plus another rousing visit to the O.C. as Greg takes us through yet another episode and relays the information back to us with hilarious results. Get listenin’!

Show Notes:

  • The Toxic Avenger Will Be Remade – 3:24
  • Stan Lee Gets An Adventurous Adapataion Of His Life Story – 8:40
  • The Greasy Strangler’s NSFW Insanity – 10:34
  • Dan Continues Into Season 2 Of American Crime – 13:10
  • Casey Watched The Tick – 18:14
  • Benicio Del Toro Rumored To Join Cast of The Predator – 19:56
  • Casey Rewatched Civil War & Checked Out X-Men Apocalypse – 21:12
  • Dan Discovered The Hard Way – 26:40
  • Hello, Casey Watched Hello, My Name Is Doris – 30:56
  • Hey, It’s Greg LeGros! – 38:00
  • Greg Watched The Cabin Fever Remake – 41:28
  • Greg Also Watched The Last Witch Hunter – 44:40
  • Casey Watched I’m Not A Serial Killer – 48:58
  • Film Roulette Begins – 1:02:11
  • The Shallows Review Begins – 1:03:28
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review Begins – 1:21:16
  • Punishment Album: Death Cab For Cutie’s Something About Airplanes & Punishment Album Reveal: 1:33:55
  • Film Roulette Roll: Blair Witch vs. Bridget Jones’ Baby – 1:42:57
  • Orange You Glad It’s The O.C. Corner: Greg Watched Episode #19 – 1:47:06

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