On the show this week, we’ve heard of squad goals, but this is ridiculous! Casey and Dan saw the latest superhero swing-and-a-miss with Suicide Squad, while Greg stayed at home with his catnip and narrowly avoided losing one of his Nine Lives with the Asylum masterpiece (of crap!) Sinister Squad. But don’t worry, he’ll see Nine Lives eventually and report back. Plus, we puth on the new album by Charlie Puth as punishment, and roll for movies next week.

All of this, plus movie reviews, news discussions, and a barrel* of laughs! Listen up – hey, why not?

*Laughs may not fill regulation sized barrel, some assembly required or BYOB (bring your own barrel) it’s late and I’m tired and also sorry and do you guys read all the way through these things? I guess we’ll find out!

Show Notes:

  • ARRIVAL Teaser Trailer (2:08)
  • Jeff Nicols’ LOVING Trailer (4:40)
  • Miles Teller Would Do Fantastic Four Sequel + Michael Keaton Discussion (5:52)
  • The Giants’ Dream: The Making of Iron Giant Documentary (10:24)
  • Band of Robbers Review (12:24)
  • My Boyfriend’s Back Review (14:16)
  • The Wire Review & Discussion (17:04)
  • Casey Saw KEANU (22:32)
  • Dan Watched Firestarter (25:12)
  • Greg Watched Rollercoaster (28:32)
  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston Review (36:00)
  • Film Roulette Begins (42:14)
  • Suicide Squad Review (43:56)
  • Sinister Squad Review (1:08:10)
  • Charlie Puth Album Review & Punishment Album Reveal (1:20:56)
  • Roll: Sausage Party vs. SLC PUNK 2 (1:32:18)
  • Orange You Glad It’s The O.C. Corner: Dan Talks “The Perfect Couple”(1:37:12)

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